RCD has been manufacturing the highest quality blower pulleys for 50 years. All of RCD’s pulleys are CNC machined in house from bar-stock sourced in the USA. Blower pulleys are available in aluminum or magnesium, all magnesium bars are ultra-sound tested for imperfections prior to machining. RCD’s close business relationship with Gates ensures that all our tooth profiles are cut to the exact shape required to provide maximum engagement with Gates belts. It should be noted that RCD pulleys are manufactured to work with Gates blower belts, other belt manufacturer’s tooth profiles are different and are not recommended for use with RCD pulleys. Pulleys are available in 5mm, 8mm, 11mm and 14mm pitch in either GT, HTD or 1/2” Trapezoidal tooth profiles. All standard blower pulleys come with a 2.0” diameter bore and six evenly spaced 3/8” bolt holes on a 2.782” diameter bolt circle, some pulleys are also available with a six lug spline pattern machined into the drive flange. Several flange offsets are offered with a standard drive flange thickness of 1/2”. Can’t find what you’re looking for? RCD can produce custom pulleys in aluminum, magnesium or steel up to 14” in diameter and 4.5” wide. NOTE: for crank mounted blower pulleys over 7.0” in diameter on applications with a crank trigger set-up, the pulley width is .05” narrower for clearance.