9.5" 10.0"


4142 HT 300 M
LENGTH 9.5" MATERIAL 4142 HT 222.34 157017-34 This solid drive shaft is machined from 4142 steel and is 9.50" long. The front drive hub end has 3/4-16 thread for a shaft retaining bolt. The rear drive hub end has 6" of spline and can be cut down for use with a RCD 6" or 8" blower snout.
LENGTH 10.0" MATERIAL 300 M 449.82 157017-46 This blower drive shaft is 10.42" long and is machined from 300M. Designed for use with the RCD center flange front drive hub, this shaft is gun drilled for weight reduction.


These 24 tooth blower drive shafts are 1.25" in diameter and may need to be cut to length to fit your application.